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Welcome to the DWG Offroad Wheels web page. Installing new DWG custom wheels and tires is the easiest and most noticeable upgrade you can do for your vehicle . Custom wheels will improve your vehicle appearance and performance and DWG offers a dynamic selection of custom wheel styles to choose from.

Our Mission at Wayne’s Wheels is to bring you the newest and most exciting variety of custom wheels on the planet . We have an awesome selection of custom wheels for your vehicle. Our superior customer service and knowledgeable staff knows what you want and will recommend the perfect and proper custom wheels for your vehicle.

DWG offers a unique selection ofr aftermarket custom wheels for most street and offroad applicatons. DWG is a great choice for Jeep enthusiasts. Weather your looking for a cool black wheel, a semi-directional or a classic modular style, you’ll likely consider DWG options for your next vehicle upgrade.

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Our job is to make you happy with your new set of DWG Wheels.

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email: info@wayneswheels.net

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