Lexani Stuttgart Wheels Available Now

The Lexani Stuttgart wheels are part of the Lexani Concave series custom wheels. This wheel is produced in larger diameters to fit the most demanding performance and exotic vehicles. All Lexani Wheels are offered in standard or customized finishes to match your vehicle theme. Stuttgarts may be available in blanks that can be shaved and custom drilled to fit the most popular 5-lug applications including new Ford Mustangs and Ferrari.

Available Sizes: 20×8.5 / 20×10 / 20×10.5 / 20×11 / 21×9 / 21×10.5 / 22×9 / 22×10 / 22×10.5

Call us to get a quote for your new Lexani Wheels now @ 714-892-2210

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