Light Truck Tires

Size 275/55R20

One of the more common light truck and SUV sizes is 275/55R20. This size is original equipment on a number of vehicles and can be used as a plus fitment on several more. These include:  •   Cadillac – Escalade  •   Chevrolet – Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe  •   Dodge – RAM SRT  •   Ford – Expedition, F-150  •   GMC – Sierra, Yukon  •   Lincoln – Navigator  •   Mercedes-Benz – GL Class  •   Toyota – Sequoia, Tundra

Considering that the F-150 and Silverado are consistently the top-selling vehicles in the US, year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of tires this size are sold each year. And Atturo has this fitment covered with five different models!

Touring: AZ610. For most original-equipment replacement sales, customers are looking for a smooth, quiet ride on the highway. And they want it to last a long time. Offer these customers the Atturo AZ610. With a 5-rib tread design, the AZ610 offers a quiet ride and a 60,000-mile tread life warranty, assuring your customer of many happy miles!

Performance: AZ800. Some customers are looking for a little more performance and a little more style. The AZ800 offers an aggressive, directional tread design with large tread blocks for greater cornering ability, while the silica-enhanced tread compound aids wet traction. Our signature “flame-design” sidewall, coupled with a rim guard, offers extra style and protection for premium wheels. A 40,000-mile tread life warranty adds extra value!

Workhorse: Trail Blade A/T. Many trucks on the road today are used for work. Whether a contractor or rancher, these customers need their trucks to get the job done. And often, that means upgrading from original-equipment highway tires to something more rugged to handle light off-road duties. The Trail Blade A/T features a more aggressive tread design with larger blocks and void ratios to handle unpaved job sites, gravel roads and more! The 50,000-mile tread life warranty means the job gets done for miles and miles!

Atturo Trail Blade X/T
Atturo Trail Blade X/T

Off Road Attitude: Trail Blade X/T. For the “out-doer,” Atturo offers the Trail Blade X/T. The X/T offers a unique combination of all-terrain tread elements combined with the sidewall styling and attitude of our popular Trail Blade M/T. For the customer who wants “go anywhere” capability and style, the Trail Blade X/T handles gravel and sand just like our M/T, yet retains civilized performance on the road. A new 45,000-mile tread life warranty is our assurance of quality and value!

Winter Performance: AW730. When the weather turns cold and the roads turn to ice, it’s time to turn to the Atturo AW730. With aggressive tread blocks featuring multiple wave sipes and a tread compound specially formulated for extreme cold, the AW730 gives drivers the confidence they need in winter conditions. And when the road turns icy, the 275/55R20 is pinned for studs for extra ice-crushing traction!

As you can see, for the most popular vehicles on the road today, Atturo has a tire for just about everyone!

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