XIX Wheels

XIX Wheels offer a great selection of exotic luxury alloy wheels, one-piece cast custom wheels that are available in popular chrome, black, silver, bronze and other finishes that will enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle.

We offer great selections and great deals on XIX wheels as well as complete custom wheel and tire packages with all the trimmings.

Staggered options are available in most styles for your vehicle, as well as a range of color styles featuring smooth, deep chrome lips for the correct bling to compliment your vehicle.

Also check out the latest concave styles like the new X31 and X39. XIX also offers many popular styles in popular sizes that you and your peers can admire.

If your looking for the perfect wheel for cruising the strips or just showing off, you have to consider the finest that our aftermarket industry has to offer, XIX.

If your number is 19, your number is XIX