Mayhem Wheels

Wayne’s Wheels offers a wide selection of Mayhem Wheels for trucks, Jeeps and SUV fitments. Select from a wide variety of sizes and styles to give your vehicle a custom look that is unmistakable. Perfect for stock, leveled and lifted trucks, Mayhem provide unique styling, precision, quality and allure.

Mayhems Mission: Construct the offroad industry’s most superior products resulting in a radically durable wheel with the highest load ratings for real world applications

Excellent Upgrade for Jeeps

Engineered for maximum structural stability and high load ratings to support the strength of today’s trucks, SUVs, and haulers, these performance rims fit a variety of trucks and SUVs, stock, lifted, or leveled.

Mayhem Wheels, designed for the offroad enthusiasts, are sure to satisfy the adventurous driver! Liberate your vehicle with a set of Mayhem Wheels. These aggressive truck rims are built tough to last.

Check out our selection of Mayhem aftermarket wheels for on and off-road applications, available at great prices! These aggressive truck rims are built tough to last. Call us now at 714-892-2210

Mayhem Wheels for Trucks, Jeeps and SUV fitments

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